The Interview

This week seemed to mark a monumental moment in movie history. Sony announced they would not be opening “The Interview” for release on Christmas Day, as originally planned. This came after the threats from hackers towards the U.S and moviegoers. The decision has brought up many debates, and I think there is logic to both sides. Here are some thoughts.

1. This essentially is giving North Korea the power to decide what our democratic nation gets to watch. That seems backwards.

2. We are letting a small group of hackers get a victory, while millions of people will suffer a loss.

3. This is a no win situation for Sony. They have to show they care for employees, moviegoers, etc. However, with this decison, many people will also question the company for not taking a stronger stand.

4. It will be interesting to see what kind of precedent this sets. Will this discourage filmmakers from exploring issues with North Korea? Or other dictatorships? Or other nations with power problems?

Overall, the decision to not release this film could carry on into future decisions. Or it could end up being a unique moment in movie history.


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