Positives of Blogging

I’m sure there are many internet surfers that read blogs each and every day, but wonder what drives people to start them? I, for instance, have always wondered some of the main reasons to create one. A requirement for my leadership class in school was to start a blog about any topic of interest. So once I started writing, I found some of my favorite aspects of writing a blog.

1. It is my opinion. Here, I feel free to express myself, where in some cases I may not feel that freedom.

2. I can express my thoughts in writing, not just verbally. Some people are better at writing than talking, so this can be advantageous to some.

3. There is never a bad time to work on your writing skills. I believe the more I post, the better I become at expressing myself and my opinions on topics.

There are many more perks, but those are the three that I value the most. All in all, blogs give you a chance to express your opinions in different ways, and allows you to practice communicating.