David Brooks: Balancing Resume and Eulogy

Ever wondered about resume and eulogy and their different virtues? David Brooks presented a crowd with a short presentation that focused on the two, and how we can balance them out. Resume deals with success, while eulogy deals more with finding a connection and community. How one chooses to live is their decision, but good leaders will find a way to create both of these.

Finding a balance can be tough with a lot of different aspects of life. We are constantly faced with tough situations, like balancing work and social life. But how does one do the best they can to create an equilibrium. David points out that good leaders play to their strengths, while constantly working on their weaknesses. And in time, more of a balance can be created. However, there needs to be constant monitoring of eulogy and resume, and how one is building them up. How one acts can determine how one is going for eulogy or resume. But good leaders do a good job of acting equally, and never behaving for personal gain. 

All in all, a good leader recognizes the importance of promoting both eulogy and resume. They know how to use their strengths, and always improve on weaknesses. By doing this, one can begin to focus more on creating an equilibrium between their own success and a feeling of community with others. The video is posted below.


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