Bugs Money

If one is looking for a show that offers entertainment along with leadership lessons, I strongly advise Pawn Stars on the History Channel. The negotiations that take place educate the viewers on the importance of leadership in an industry like this. We can now look more in depth at the valuable knowledge that can be gained by watching this show.

Pawn shop owners face many negotiations every day. And they are not always the most comfortable processes. Sellers many times try to pressure owners into buying for higher prices, and when they are refused, they can become very angry with the process. Great leaders know how to handle these situations. They know not only what is fair, but how to keep those they are doing business with in line. A strong leader has to stand his or her ground, and most importantly stay level-headed. If the store owners lose their heads, the sellers will do the same thing, which in the end gets no one what they want. Another lesson that is taught in Pawn Stars is the importance of communication.

Simply put, good leaders are good communicators. They make sure everyone is on the same page. Twice in this episode, the employees wanted to be certain they were giving a fair price. They called in experts to help them solve some questions they had in the process. This in turn, got the buyer and seller on the same page. Both parties knew what was fair, which seemed to help the process go along a lot smoother. The buyers used this to their advantage, as they had factual proof to show why they were offering the price that they were.

All in all, many can learn important lessons about how staying level-headed and always communicating is crucial to leadership. The show offers various situations that all teach unique lessons. Below is the video posting for all to enjoy!



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