Peyton Manning

Although the Super Bowl was a lopsided game, I saw leadership traits in Peyton Manning that many other quarterbacks don’t display. As the quarterback, you are the leader of the team, and how you react is usually how your followers are going to act. Peyton got crushed in the Super Bowl, but never lost his humility. He was classy about the loss.  He was seen congratulating the other team, talking to reporters after the game, and keeping his head up after a tough day. His demonstration of professionalism was noted by Richard Sherman, a Seahawks cornerback, who called him “the classiest player he has ever played against.” I see the way Peyton reacted as a sign of a great leader. He could have easily put his head down, pouted,  or blamed teammates but he chose the high road. He gave his respect to the Seahawks, and tried to stay positive. Peyton knows this attitude will help his teammates out as well. When the team is down, they are going to look to the leader. In this case, they were looking at a leader who continued to keep his head up and refused to have a huge loss set him back for next year.


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